Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buy Now or Wait? Check the Airfare Prediction Tool

When booking air travel, the dilemma is often: should I buy now or wait later to try to get a better price?  Now you've got some help. 

The Bing Travel Farecast provides a free airfare prediction tool that allows you to specify your travel dates and destinations, and you'll get a prediction of whether fares for your flight are rising or falling, so you can decide whether you should buy now or wait.

From the Bing website: "According to a third-party audit of our predictive technology, we're about 75% accurate and on average, customers will save over $50 on a typical round-trip transaction."
Here are details on Bing's predictive technology.


At 9/01/2010 9:19 AM, Blogger Free2Choose said...

Very cool tool. I am anxious to see how accurate it is. Thanks for posting, Mark...this is the kind of thing that I can see myself getting lots of use (and entertainment) from.


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