Tuesday, July 20, 2010

LEIs/CEIs: U.K., China, Spain, France and Germany

Over the last week, The Conference Board has released leading economic indexes (LEIs) and coincident economic indexes (CEIs) for the following five countries, which all registered increases (or stayed the same) in May:

1. The U.K. leading economic index increased by 0.3% in May to 102.4, following gains of 0.6% in April and 1.0% in March. The Coincident Economic Indicator (CEI) for the U.K. increased by 0.1% in May.

2. China's leading economic index increased by 0.8% in May, and China's CEI increased 0.9% in May, following a 1.4% increase in April and a 0.5% increase in March.

3. The Conference Board LEI for Spain remained unchanged in May after increasing in April and the Coincident Economic Index (CEI) increased 0.1% in May.

4. The LEI for France increased 0.3% in May and the CEI increased 0.2%.

5. Germany's LEI increased 0.5% in May and its CEI increased 0.5%.

Bottom Line: Steady and positive growth is ongoing in all of these countries, and
can be expected to continue in the future.


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