Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Port of Portland Shipping Up By 45% This Year

The Port of Portland recently released shipping statistics for April, which include the following highlights:

1. Total tonnage for April was 1,155,121 short tons, which was 55% above the shipping volume from April a year ago (see chart above).

2. Year-to-date tonnage this year is up by 45% compared to last year.

3. Grain tonnage this year during the first four months is 24.8% higher than 2009.

4. Auto shipments are up by 9.6% year-to-date compared to last year, and for the month of April up by 64% compared to last year.

5. Mineral bulk shipments are up by 122.5% year-to-date vs. 2009.  

6. On a three-month moving average basis, total tonnage was the highest in April since November 2008, 17 months ago.  

MP: Another V-shaped sign of an economic recovery in progress. 


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