Monday, December 21, 2009

St. Louis Ticket Scalpers Now Engaged in "Ticket Dumping" and "Predatory Ticket Pricing?"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch -- The Rams aren't the only ones having trouble selling tickets to their games. For the scalpers on the streets outside the Edward Jones Dome, the ticket market is every bit as sluggish.

The Rams' game against the Houston Texans on Sunday not only didn't sell out, the second straight game where seats went empty, but the crowd of 46,256 was the smallest ever for the Rams in St. Louis. As fan interest in the team drops, so is the desire of people to pay $44 or more to watch them play. And if the secondary market is any indication, many fans are prepared to pay a lot less to watch the team.

"Business is down," said Dennis Brown, standing near the Dome's northwest entrance shortly after game time on Sunday, waiting for a colleague to sell the last of their tickets. "In the good years, we would get good money, more than the price of a ticket. Anytime you've got a team like this that's 1-13, you can look to paying (almost) nothing. They're selling from $44 to $100 at the box office, they can come out here and get them from $25 to $75."

Q: If "ticket scalpers" are selling tickets for less than face value, are they still engaged in "ticket scalping" or is it now "ticket dumping," or "predatory ticket pricing?"


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