Saturday, December 19, 2009

Markets in Everything: iTunes Gift Cards Selling on eBay for More Than Cash Value; "Gift Card Scalping"

What's going on here? The examples above of completed eBay auctions are just two of hundreds of examples of iTunes gift cards selling for more than their face value on eBay. Isn't this "gift card scalping"?


At 12/19/2009 5:23 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Non-americans are able to buy stuff from the US iTunes store with gift cards but are not allowed to directly charge their non-us credit cards. Because of this $1 US-gift card credit is worth more than $1 here.

If the Norwegian iTunes store had the same content as the US iTunes store this would not be the case. The prices in the US store is generally lower as well.

At 12/20/2009 8:21 PM, Blogger Erich said...

Also, Microsoft is offering instant rebates of between 8-15% on some buy-it-now purchases on ebay made through the bing search site.

At 12/24/2009 9:15 PM, Blogger Stone Glasgow said...

The eBay and Paypal fees total $11.96 for a $100 iTunes card.

The pictured seller is selling at below the retail cost to purchase from the Apple online store (to avoid sales tax), list on eBay (in the cheapest possible manner) and email the code to the buyer.


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