Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heading Out East to American Enterprise Institute

I'm heading out today on a road trip for The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, D.C., where I'll be working for the rest of the fall semester during my sabbatical. Blogging might be light for the next few days, but I'll continue blogging on Carpe Diem and will also be writing and blogging for AEI for the next three months, more specific details to follow! For now, I invite all CD readers to become familiar with AEI if you are not already, it's a great organization:

American Enterprise Institute
main website.

American Enterprise Institutes's
Enterprise Blog.

American Enterprise Institute's journal
The American.


At 9/17/2009 2:33 PM, Anonymous Benny "The Call It As I See It" Man said...

Hey, I hope you take a message to AEI: They would gain credibility if they "beat up" on right-wing subsidies as well as "left-wing" subsidies.

Maybe you can issue reports on:

1. Huge subsidies to rural America. Quantify, and then advocate elimination.

2. Radical reduction in Department of Defense outlays.

3. Elimination of Homeowners Interest Tax Deduction.

I am sure you will be able to bring credibility to the AEI through your reformative efforts. They must be tired of being right-wing hacks by now.

At 9/17/2009 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya know, Benny, YOU should go to AEI. I'm sure they would LOVE to hear your assessment of their credibilty.

At 9/17/2009 8:28 PM, Blogger mongander said...

It's BACK East and OUT West.

At 9/17/2009 10:10 PM, Anonymous TheDude said...

Benny, if you want to comment on a particular position of the AEI or one of it's commentators then be specific. There may be positons and arguments you agree with, but if not, at least give them a hearing. Abide

At 9/17/2009 11:29 PM, Blogger Tom Church said...

Professor Perry,

Congrats on AEI. Their lunches are reason enough to go.

Keep up the good work,

At 9/18/2009 4:24 PM, Anonymous Benny "Tell It Like It Is" Man said...

The Dude:
Oddly enough, right-wing groups take extreme umbrage at having their wanton hypocrisy pointed out.
I doubt I will win this battle.
The right-wing has mastered the lexicon of free enterprise, and monopolized the appearance of having the spirit of patriotism.
If you look behind the waving flags, you find wholesale socialism and corruption.
AIG anyone?
Too bad the Dems are much the same.

At 9/18/2009 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy your sabbatical. Be sure to stand up for free market economics not pseudo-free market interpretation, e.g. CAFTA, NAFTA. Let capitalism reign not crony capitalism.

Sorry I was redundant.

At 9/18/2009 11:25 PM, Blogger glenzo said...


Some of us, me being one them, are somewhat confused on the 3 subsidies provided to the "right-wing".

1. Huge subsidies to rural America. Quantify, and then advocate elimination.
2. Radical reduction in Department of Defense outlays.
3. Elimination of Homeowners Interest Tax Deduction.

What does rural America have to do with the "right wing"? I kinda see rural America as more of place of traditional values which are better categorized as centrist" or "center right".

defense spending is a subsidy to the "right-wing" and the beneficiaries of that spending are soley them? Militaries around the world spend to just support their "right-wing"?

How is homeowner tax deductions a subsidy to the "right-wing"? It find this particularly perplexing. The greatest beneficiaries of this are the middle-class. If this the "right-wing" base and given the sheer vstness of the middle-class then you should consider moving to France or some other left-wing nation.

At 9/19/2009 1:28 PM, Anonymous Benny The Real Free Marketeer said...

And don't forget this avenue on intellectual inquiry: After six years of total R-Party domination of Washington DC (they controlled the House Senate, White House and Supreme Court), our financial system collapsed.
What was it about R-Party leadership that we went from federal surpluses under Clinton, and the Dow tripling, to the Bush years, in which the Dow declined, our financial system collapsed, and we had runaway deficits?
I wonder if there is eben one Republican that woud like to pinder the question.
I against rural and homeowner subsidies not because I like France, but because I believe in free markets. I think you have it backwards.
If you like a nanny-state then you shouid move to France. Or vote Republican.

At 9/20/2009 2:18 PM, Blogger GW South said...

They're located at 17th and M right? You're just 5 blocks away, at 12th and L, from a statue of one of my favorite philosophers: Edmund Burke.

Welcome to DC - just remember to avoid the red line during rush hour.


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