Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Two Month Increase in Industrial Production Since 2007, Highest Two-Month Gain Since 2005

The Federal Reserve reported today that industrial production increased by .80% in August, following a 1% increase in July, the first back-to-back monthly increase in U.S. manufacturing production since the end of 2007 (see shaded area above), and the largest percentage increase for a two-month period since November-December 2005.

According to an
Associated Press story:

Industrial companies boosted production more than expected in August, making more cars, clothing and other goods in the early stages of a broad economic recovery. Factories boosted production of cars, machinery, food products, clothing and other goods in a fairly broad-based pickup in August.


At 9/16/2009 4:24 PM, Anonymous Six Months said...

"Making more cars"... Gee, I wonder why.

When industrial production drops in subsequent months are we going to see this chart again, updated, or is one of us going to have to remind everyone? What will the "green shoot" excuse for falling industrial production be?


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