Sunday, August 02, 2009

Markets In Everything: College Textbook Rental

Students frequently rent DVDs to watch in their dorm rooms, but soon they may start checking out something much heavier and pricier: textbooks.

Saying they offer an alternative to the textbook industry's bloated prices, a growing number of companies are renting new and used titles at reduced prices. Among them are Chegg, BookRenter and the Follett Higher Education Group, which will test drive a rental service at campus bookstores this fall. They join a number of colleges that have already started their own on-campus programs.

From the
Inside Higher Ed article "Rent, Read and Return"


At 8/03/2009 12:39 PM, Anonymous Ἐγκώμιον Shill said...

Within lower, middle, and higher education has the *textbook* phenomenon disappeared? Replaced by e-book, Google Search, and college library? Nobody goes to book-store

anymore. It is too crowded.

At 8/03/2009 1:45 PM, Anonymous Vertu Copy said...

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At 8/05/2009 11:11 PM, Blogger OBloodyHell said...

The chief problem with this is the tendency to produce constantly new "editions" of a textbook with only minor alterations. That's how the textbook companies charge such an outrageous price even for books which have been out for decades in a largely unchanging field or area of study.

I aloso recall, several decades ago, a Operating Systems class I had which was taught by a professor from Romania. The English-language textbook he used was available in a trade paperback version in Romania for about a third of the price US students were forced to pay for a hardcover. He apologized openly to the students -- he tried to make that version available for the students but the hurdles he would have had to jump through were just too excessive. So the students had to pay through the nose.

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