Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cartoons of the Day: The Waiting Game

Michael Ramirez


At 7/18/2009 9:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Medical care in England - a story with a happy (American) ending‏

h/t Synthstuff

At 7/18/2009 5:31 PM, Anonymous Mika said...

More silly propaganda. But a majority of our citizens can't be fooled into forgetting that we already have two national health programs that have been very successful for many years and which deliver efficient, high quality health care as good as any other: Medicare and Medicaid.

At 7/19/2009 12:39 AM, Blogger KO said...

Medicare and Medicaid work by piggy backing on the private healthcare system. It takes higher paying private insurance to keep the system working.

The UK has been criticized for poaching doctors and nurses from third world countries because not enough Brits become doctors. Turns out having to invest all those years and then not making much money doesn't attract people to the field.

Adding tens of millions of people to the system at lower reimbursement rates is the surest way to guarantee increased waiting times.


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