Thursday, July 31, 2008

Overexpansion: New Starbucks Opens Newest Location In Rest Room Of Existing Starbucks

Starbucks, the nation's largest coffee-shop chain, continued its rapid expansion, opening its newest location in the men's room of an existing Starbucks.

"Coffee lovers just can't stand being far from their favorite Starbucks gourmet blends," said Chris Tuttle, Starbucks vice-president of franchising.

"Eventually, Starbucks rest rooms everywhere will sell coffee," CEO Howard Schultz said. "But that ambitious scheme is at least five years down the road. In the meantime, we plan to open an additional location in this Starbucks' ladies' room within months, and are already drafting plans for a fourth restaurant along the corridor leading from the main seating area to the rest rooms. At some point a 'Star-bucks Express' window will eventually open in the walk-in closet of the men's room Starbucks."

From The Onion, written back in 1998, foretelling some of Starbucks future problems with overexpansion.


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