Monday, June 16, 2008

In A Colombian Town, Cocaine is the Only Currency

A shoe shop owner in Guirema, Colombia weighs out coca base handed over by a customer in exchange for goods.
In a remote Colombian settlement, transactions are conducted in coca, with one gram enough to buy a soft drink.


At 6/16/2008 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just one more reason that all drugs should be legalized, sold in "drug" stores and taxed.

We could handle any potential drug problem by making it a health issue rather than a criminal one and force abusers to go through drug abuse treatment.

This non-criminal approach to the drug problem would yield over a million citizens without criminal records who after receiving treatment might have a better chance at a full life without a criminal record.

But the pseudo-justice industry will not allow that to happen. What would all the unemployed prison guards, pimps, attorneys, law enforcement officers do for employment then? Wash windshields at the corner?

At 6/17/2008 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most especially, the Attorneys.

First, Kill All the Lawyers. - Falstaff


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