Saturday, April 05, 2008

Nectar Heaven: Russia Has 300 Vodka Distilleries

LA TIMES--Not long ago, Stolichnaya was the only Russian vodka Americans seemed to know about. But if you look around today, you can find up to 35 brands -- and the pace of new arrivals is picking up. This could keep going for a while, because there are about 300 vodka distilleries in Russia.

The collapse of the Soviet government and its monopoly on distilling is perhaps the ultimate reason for this surge. Add to that the recent American craze for premium vodkas from all sorts of places -- France (Grey Goose), Scandinavia (Finlandia), even Alameda, Calif. (Hangar One). Why not go to the source?

Comment: I'll be in Russia from April 18 to 27 and plan to do some research and taste tasting there on Russia's premium "nectar of the Gods." By the way, I'll be joined by best-selling author and Hoover research fellow Peter Schweizer as a guest blogger on CD during the time I'm traveling to Russia, since I might not have regular Internet access during my travels. Stay tuned for more information on CD's first-ever guest blogger!

(Vodka HT: Craig Newmark)


At 4/06/2008 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a nice trip, Dr. Perry.

At 4/07/2008 8:24 AM, Blogger juandos said...

I second the sentiments of the previous poster...

BTW Dr. Perry, it would be interesting if you stumble (pardon the pun) across a Russian vodka version of the Napa-Sonoma valley...


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