Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Monster's Online Employment Index UP in OCT

The November report should be out any day, but above is the October Monster Employment Index, and here are some October 2007 Index Highlights:

• The Index climbed to its highest level since May, demonstrating greater overall online job availability at the outset of the fourth quarter

• Year-over-year growth rate rose moderately to 9% – a slight improvement from August and September

• There were expanded online opportunities in October for management; and business and financial operations; suggest a reassuring corporate hiring outlook

• Demand within construction and real estate industries declined, reflecting continued hardship in the building and housing sectors

• New England reports largest rise among regions, while Cincinnati, Kansas City and Cleveland registered the highest rate of increase on the month among the top 28 metro markets

Note: The Monster Employment Index is a broad and comprehensive monthly analysis of U.S. online job demand based on a real-time review of employer job opportunities culled from a large, representative selection of corporate career sites and job boards, including Monster. The Monster Employment Index presents a snapshot of employer online recruitment activity nationwide.


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