Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Surface Navigation Help for NYC Subway Riders

NEW YORK TIMES: It is one of those embarrassing, frustrating, infuriating experiences of everyday life that many New York subway passengers are loath to admit: that disorienting moment when they step onto the street, lost in a city they know — or think they know — perfectly well. Which way is Ninth Avenue, anyway?

Now the city is experimenting with a new way to help people go where they want to go without wasting more steps than they have to. The city and the private business improvement district for the neighborhood around Grand Central Terminal have installed compass-shaped decals on sidewalks, right where riders emerge from heavily used subway stairwells.

The gold-on-black decals are 24 inches in diameter, larger than a large pizza but smaller than a manhole cover. They carry two kinds of information: directions for north, east, south and west, and the names of the nearest streets (pictured above).

(HT: Sanil Kori)


At 10/17/2007 9:59 AM, Blogger Adam said...

An interesting idea, but how long will it be before we see the headline, "Subway Exits in Chaos as Lost Riders Look to the Ground?"


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