Thursday, August 23, 2007

US (UK) Cancer Survival Highest (Lowest) in World

Despite Michael Moore's glorification of British health care and the NHS in the movie "Sicko," recent research shows that the cancer survival rates for men and women in the U.K. are the lowest in Europe, and significantly below the rates in the U.S. (see chart above, click to enlarge), which are the highest in the world.

From Britian's Telegraph
: "Cancer survival rates in Britain are among the lowest in Europe, according to the most comprehensive analysis of the issue yet produced.

England is on a par with Poland despite the NHS spending three times more on health care.

Survival rates are based on the number of patients who are alive five years after diagnosis and researchers found that, for women, England was the fifth worst in a league of 22 countries. Scotland came bottom. Cancer experts blamed late diagnosis and long waiting lines."


At 8/28/2007 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This "study" hardly shows that the US has superior health care or that the UK has terrible health care.

Canada, which has a 60% survival rate for cancer didn't even show up on the list of countries.

People live longer in the UK as well so conceivably a person in the UK could die of cancer in 4 years but still live longer (on average) than the average US Citizen.


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