Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Global Company Goes Even More Global

From today's WSJ:

"Chinese computer maker Lenovo Group plans to centralize its global advertising operations in Bangalore, part of a move by multinational companies to tap the creative firepower of India's low-cost work force.

Lenovo's India team will help dream up global marketing campaigns aimed at dozens of countries, including the U.S., France and Brazil, though not China.

Lenovo's decision reflects the continuing erosion of the geographic hierarchies that have long ruled the advertising industry.

Lenovo is already an unusually global company. It has a Chinese chairman and an American chief executive, and it rotates its headquarters between Raleigh, N.C.; Hong Kong; Beijing and Paris, depending on where its top executives are at any given time. The India-born chief marketing officer, Deepak Advani, is normally based in Raleigh, but he is spending the summer in India."

MP: What a great example of globalization! Corporations shop globally to find the best talent, and search globally to source production for the greatest value, and American consumers should do the same: engage in guilt-free global shopping for the best products and best value.


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