Monday, June 11, 2007

Ford's Volvo Enters the India Market in 2007

For the second month this year (May), Toyota outsold Ford Motor Co., which saw sales fall 6.9%, according to this report. But Ford sales worldwide might get a boost from the strong economic growth in India, and the fact that in developing markets, the premium segments of the car business grow the fastest.

From the article Volvo to Hit Indian Roads by Year End, "Ford-owned premium car brand Volvo is planning to drive into India the S80 (top picture above) and the SUV XC 90 by the end of this year (bottom picture above)."

MP: Maybe the booming economies of India and China will help save Ford and GM? As globalization and free markets unleash previously untapped entrepreneurship, talent and wealth in India and China, their middle and upper classes expand and prosper, and they enter the global marketplace and start to buy globally, including many products from the U.S. and from U.S. MNCs like Ford.

HT: Sanil Kori


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