Tuesday, May 15, 2007

T-Shirt Economics

Economist Alan Blinder writes that "offshoring of service jobs from rich countries such as the United States to poor countries such as India may pose major problems for tens of millions of American workers over the coming decades. In fact, I think offshoring may be the biggest political issue in economics for a generation."

The telling phrase is "political issue." "To be marketable in the political arena," Blinder once explained, "an idea must be short and snappy enough to be emblazoned on a T-shirt. But any economic idea expressed that tersely is almost certainly wrong."

"Offshoring" is short and snappy enough to attract nativist and protectionist interests, left and right.

From Cato's Alan Reynolds' article "If Offshoring Is Net Job Loser, Where's Proof?" in today's IBD.


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