Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Nature and Causes of the Weath of Nations

Johan Norberg, the Swedish author of In Defence of Global Capitalism, produced a 49-minute documentary for Channel Four Television (UK) in 2003 called "Globalisation is Good." It explains why anti-globalisation campaigners are wrong and how globalisation is a force for good, lifting billions out of poverty.

The doccumentary tells a tale of two countries that were equally poor 50 years ago - Taiwan and Kenya. Today Taiwan is 20 times richer than Kenya. Entrepreneurs thrived in Taiwan because it introduced a market economy and integrated into global trade. In contrast, Kenyans are still desperately poor, because Kenya shut its door to globalization. Kenyans suffer from regulations, corruption and the lack of property rights.

The unequal distribution in the world is a result of the unequal distribution of capitalism - those who have capitalism grow rich, those who don't stay poor.

You can watch it here.


At 4/12/2007 10:33 PM, Blogger James R Ament said...

To be quite brief... limiting corruption and the rule of law have a great deal to do with the differences since both are important components of creating wealth.


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