Monday, April 16, 2007

Greedy Capitalist Exploitation?

A typical and true story: A huge multinational corporation (MNC) has moved into a low-income area with promises of jobs that pay better than the local average. Actually, those jobs pay below the average for that industry, but the locals do not seem to care.

The MNC says it will hire about 1,500 people and more than 30,000 locals have applied. These are non-union jobs in a union-dominated industry, but the locals seem eager to leave their traditional way of life to grab these opportunities.

The local government joined forces with the MNC in every way. It offered the MNC monetary incentives to come in and take advantage of local workers. Local merchants, eager for U.S. dollars from any source, joined the plot to lure the corporation. Signs of welcome are prominently displayed in businesses throughout the area. Once the MNC agreed to come, local leaders and politicians rushed to take credit. The populace praises them for bringing new jobs. None seem to realize that they have joined into a nefarious scheme that will change forever the life they have enjoyed for generations.

What is the MNC? Honda. Where is the location? Alabama, USA.

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