Monday, February 12, 2007

Global Trade and U.S. Economy Both Grow

1. U.S. exports grew by 13.1% in the 12-month period through November 2006, totaling $1.3 trillion. To put this number into perspective, Germany's entire GDP was $2.79 trillion and India's GDP was $772 billion.

2. U.S. exports shot up to 11.2% of U.S. GDP in the third quarter alone, the highest level in dollar terms ever.

3. Since the 2001 recession, the U.S. economy has created 9.3 million new jobs, compared with 360,000 new jobs in Japan during the same period and 1.1 million new jobs in the euro zone. This despite our trade deficits and their trade surpluses.

From "As Global Trade Grows, So Will U.S. Economy," by Donald Lambro.


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