Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Smell of Profits, Here Comes Google

From today's International Herald Tribune: "The Internet search provider Google, moving to broaden its revenue beyond advertising, is poised to shake up the business software market.

Google is bundling the Web-based software programs that it offers free to consumers into a premium package, and, in a challenge to Microsoft, it will be selling a paid version to businesses.

Google's enterprise product, which will include e-mail, calendar, word processing, spreadsheet, instant messaging and voice-over-Internet programs, will be released soon. The move comes as Microsoft prepares to bring out Office 2007, the new version of its best-selling productivity software suite, as well as Vista, the latest upgrade of its ubiquitous operating system."

MP: Competition breeds competence; the smell of profits has a strong, attractive odor; vigorous competition is the best regulator; and who needs the Department of Justice when you have vigorous competition from Linux and Google?


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