Friday, November 10, 2006

Music I've Been Listening To

1. Shirley Brown, who has a voice that sounds like Aretha Franklin on steroids, how could I have missed her all these years? I have the "Timeless" and "Diva of Soul" CDs, and just ordered about 5 more Shirley Brown CDs. Check out her version of Al Green's "Still in Love," it's awesome. It doesn't get any more soulful than this.

Earl King's CD "King of New Orleans," how did I miss Earl King all of these years? Check out his song "Three Can Play the Game," what a sound!

Oscar Peterson's 4 CD set "Exclusively for My Friends," recorded before live audiences in an elegant, old Black Forest villa in Germany between 1963-1968, these recording have a loose, intimate feel and showcase Oscar Peterson's piano sound at his best on an Imperial Bosendorfer concert grand. When it comes to the classic sound of a jazz trio with piano, bass and drums, it really doesn't get any better than these CDs! Check out the song "Sax No End" on Disc 3, it is the #1 most rockin' jazz piano recording I have ever heard.

4. My brother Jeff Perry in Minneapolis-St. Paul has a new CD out,
give it a listen here.



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