Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cost of Living, NYC vs. Minneapolis

How expensive is it to live in NYC compared to Minneapolis? According to Sperling's Cost of Living Calculator, it is 55.3% more expensive to live in NYC than Minneapolis, see the comparison here. Or to maintain the same standard of living, a salary of $100,000 in Minneapolis should increase to $155,263 in NYC. The biggest difference of course is the cost of housing, which according to Sperling is twice as expensive in NYC vs. Mpls. Food costs are also about 37% more expensive in NYC vs. Mpls. You can compare any two major US cities using the Sperling cost-of-living calculator.

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Marginal Revolution here, which mentions this article in New York Magazine that says a dollar in NYC is worth only 76.2 cents, and compares NYC to Minneapolis.


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