Friday, September 22, 2006

Michigan and Mississippi?

What do Michigan and Mississippi have in common? Both have August unemployment rates of 7.1%, the highest state jobless rates in the country. States with the lowest unemployment rates in August are Hawaii (2.8%), SD (3.2%), Utah (3.2%) and VA (3.2%).

TEN states have set
historical record low unemployment rates so far this year in 2006:
Alabama (3.3% in March)
Arizona (3.6% in August)
Florida (3.0% in June)
Idaho (3.2% in March)
Louisiana (2.9% in July)
Montana (3.4% in March)
Nevada (3.6% in January)
New Mexico (4.0% in March)
Washington (4.6% in March)
West Virginia (3.8% in January)

I wrote about this in a
newspaper commentary distributed nationally a few months ago, when there were nine states with record low jobless rates, now Arizona makes the 10th state with its record low rate in August.
Even in its worst recession, the U.S. economy is still stronger than almost any other country in the world during their best years. And yet even now when the U.S. economy has a historically high level of employment, historically low unemployment rates in nine states, and higher national income, output and tax revenues than at any time in U.S. history, the Dangerfield economy still gets no respect.


At 9/24/2006 3:54 PM, Blogger jonnyecon said...

well yeah, most people don't take the time to see for themselves the state of the economy or the political areas that affect our every day life. we want to be non active participants and let the news and our friend bob down the street feed us the facts of the day. not to be a conspiacy theorist, but the media is bias towards the liberal end of the spectrum. so of course great numbers are kept on the hush. the media is also a business and not only do we want our news we want it to be entertainmnt and we don't like news that is good news. we want the down side of everything and nothing makes more for a business than fear and the ability to sell a product that makes us feel, that no matter how bad our life is right now, it is not as bad as what is on the news. i hate it, i want to bang my head on a wall every timei get into an arguement about this with people and they continually ignore the facts.

At 9/24/2006 4:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Make sure that you don't let your "facts" cloud your judgement and fail to listen to the people, like "Bob down the street" who are financially hurting. You don't necessarily have to get all of your information from the news; you should be able to ferret out some facts of your own.

Folks are trying to squeak by on $12 per hour and oftentimes, now, they are told they have to start paying their own health insurance for $500 - $1000 per month. Then, someone, like you, comes along and tells them "the facts say you make $12 per hour--just like last year--so your income is still the same." But, my facts, say that's not the case.

I imagine if you bang your head on the wall hard enough, you'll have to use your employer-paid health insurance to visit the hospital. While you are there, remember a lot of good people are dying because they don't have the medical insurance that you have. Appreciate what you have, but, don't for a minute, think that everyone else is doing fine.

At 9/26/2006 9:41 AM, Blogger jonnyecon said...

well sir, all i have to say is that you should not judge before you talk. i am one of those people without health insurance so when i say i want to bang my head i really mean it. regaurdless of the cost to repair what i damage. all i hear is how the economy under,the present administration is so bad compaired to the good old days. and the facts show that it is not that dismal. unemplyment is low in many states and usually that seems to be a good thing. what do those jobs offer or what they pay is not what i wrote about. i wrote on the numbers that reflect UNEMPLOYMENt and since most people that get their news fom bias media or second hand sources just don't realize the unemoployment facts, and again the current administration gets a bad rap. athough the administration really has no control over the matter it gets bad press, even if the news is good . i am sure sir that you are not for more unemployment are you? wether or not you get prime benefits was not my issue, as for those who need he insurance. maybe they should get a job at wal mart. i just may myself, thanks for your comment.

At 9/27/2006 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're right, I made an unreasonable assumption that you were one of the "haves" and not one of the "have nots." I'm sorry. I am, and possibly just temporarily, one of the "haves."

However, just as we will get nowhere tearing each other apart, we will get nowhere by ignoring serious problems and thinking everything is just dandy with the economy.

Since you spoke of "the state of the economy" and "political areas" in your first sentence, I also assumed you were broadening the discussion past just unemployment. I agree those numbers, on the surface, are great.

But, there are a couple things missing there. First, oftentimes those numbers undercount the true unemployment rate (they also count underemployed people as employed). And, second, a lot of folks can't afford to live on the pay they are receiving even though they are employed.

I'll leave you with these questions. Do you think it is acceptable that you may possibly die because you do not have health insurance while others who have health insurance may live with the same exact health issue? We are supposed to be the greatest country on Earth, how can that be? Shouldn't everyone have an opportunity for life? What can be done in economic and political areas to alleviate the problem?

Once again, I apologize for my earlier assumptions. I also appreciate the opportunity to expound on my earlier comments. Open dialogue on the issues quite possibly will help. Ignoring the issues surely won't.

At 9/28/2006 2:11 PM, Blogger jonnyecon said...

awesome! thank you for your reply to my comment, i am looking forward to more debates.


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