Saturday, November 12, 2011

Intrade: The Rise of Gingrich and the Fall of Perry

Current Intrade odds: 2.4% for Perry (down from above 20% in early October) and 12.8% for Gingrich (up from 1.2% in early October). 


At 11/12/2011 10:17 AM, Blogger Larry G said...

of course the real question here is this: of all the plausible Republican candidates that would be able to have a serious chance of beating Obama - why is it that we end of with the current crop of losers - like Gingrich and company?

Could it be that the right wing of the Republican party has killed the proverbial golden goose of actual viable candidates ?

or do folks REALLY believe that folks like Gingrich and Perry could beat the "weak" Obama?

batter up


At 11/12/2011 10:27 AM, Blogger Paul said...

I predict Benji, in this very thread, will impress everyone with his command of 50 cent words and refer to Perry as a "bilious knave."

At 11/13/2011 3:49 PM, Blogger Benjamin said...


That should be "50-cent" words.

At 11/14/2011 7:27 AM, Blogger Ian Random said...

I'll take Gingrich for budgets over anybody, but I'd like someone that doesn't believe that an additional 5% CO2 for 50 years = the end of the world.


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