Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ASA Staffing Index Reaches New High for 2011

Today the American Staffing Association (ASA) reported its weekly Staffing Index, which reached a new year-to-date high of 92 for the week of November 7-13 (see chart above), the highest level since mid-December last year.  The index level of 92 last week was just slightly lower than the 93 reading for the comparable week last year, but was above the level for the same week two years ago (80) and  the same week three years ago (85).  The ASA Staffing Index is considered to be a leading labor market indicator of broader-based hiring expected to take place in future months.     


At 11/22/2011 2:57 PM, Blogger sethstorm said...

Too much time has passed for it to be a leading indicator of anything. Temporary employment as represented by the ASA pits two parties(staffing agency and client) against a third(the worker). Those two parties share and maintain a distrust & contempt for the worker by treating them like second class citizens (in the office and with benefits).

For an honest-to-goodness organization, it sure likes to hold a lot of documents back from people. What do they have to hide that workers shouldnt know?

At 11/22/2011 3:55 PM, OpenID adsanalytics said...

Not all appears well with the state of employment. Two other leading labor market indicators: temp hiring (chart below) and the help wanted ads have crested and begun to subside. The recent market volatility is also not doing any favors for the confidence of businesses - an essential catalyst for increased hiring.


ADS Analytics

At 11/22/2011 8:48 PM, Blogger Benjamin said...

This is a feeble recovery.

Corporate profits as a percent of GDP hit a record high. Businesses are investing in new plant and equipment.

Demand is wimpy.

The Fed needs to pour it on.

The last CPI, PPI and unit labor costs readings were all down.


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